Sunday, June 27, 2010

NYT: Deborah Solomon with Tzipi Livni
Your parents were among the country’s founders.

They were the first couple to marry in Israel, the very first. Both of them were in the Irgun. They were freedom fighters, and they met while boarding a British train. When the British Mandate was here, they robbed a train to get the money in order to buy weapons.

It was a more romantic era.
[From Arabist.]

It's a shame that no one teaches reading anymore; schools teach ideas not the ability to recognize them. Follow the conversation as if it were dialogue in a work of fiction. Read it as an outsider and you'll sense in Livni the armor of arrogance over hypocrisy and cold cynicism. Varieties of fascism: Livni as active, and Solomon as servant of power, as bottom, as fan.

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