Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Liberal Zionists point approvingly, to Avnery, probably for the first time. Helena Cobban and others, as linked below, do not agree.

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  1. Yeah, I was unpleasantly surprised by that Avnery's piece too. The guy sounds like a Zionist.

    I certainly agree with all Cobban's points, but also:

    "...For this to happen, the boycott must gather world-wide momentum, the US must join it, the Israeli economy must collapse and the morale of the Israeli public must break.

    How long will this take? Twenty Years? Fifty years? Forever?"

    I believe it will only take a few months for the morale to break and for most of the Ashkenazim to start packing. They are not like Afrikaners, they have no connection with the place.


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