Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Drop Dobbs
It's stupid.

It's wrong because its a mistake; it's attacking the person not the ideas. Better for people to go on his show, or invite him on theirs -Maddow, Olberman- on the condition that he reciprocate. Humiliate him in public. Actually, TV liberals are better than pundits. Maddow has Buchanan on her show. But the people behind Drop Dobbs are also those who write about the right wing without being willing to engage them personally. Right wing sites should be flooded with responses from the nominal left, but they aren't. Every liberal pundit should be demanding debates on any subject at any time, on republican turf. but they don't. Are they afraid of losing? Of catching a contagious disease? If the public faces of the right are intellectual cowards holding opinions without facts. why not force them to fight or run, and show them for what they are?

The liberal elite is more interested in ideas than people. If communism required that everyone join the priesthood, and conservatism is founded on the inevitability of moral failure (and concomitantly its celebration), modern liberalism as idea is founded on the search for rational mechanisms that remove us from moral responsibility entirely, replacing god and language with a logical machine. Machines are clean, people are dirty.

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