Saturday, May 30, 2009

"'s nice seeing someone acknowledge that much of what journalists perceive as the standards of their profession, the 'objectivity,' was a business choice."
That's what I like about Atrios. He's a marker for all the changes in American liberalism, because he just goes with the flow and does it publicly. He's ever the avatar of the the new normal.
But it was more than a business choice of course.
Go to the top of the page. Search terms: "objective" and "objectivity"

There's also the relationship to this, but Brian Leiter the legal 'realist' can't catch the complexity. His realism begins with the assumption that he knows what he believes in and why; to him belief is a private matter. But debate is public and in describing and re-describing our beliefs we redefine them and change them. Duncan Black's beliefs have changed. And Philip Weiss is at TPM Cafe.
TPM is changing.

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