Monday, March 31, 2008

Just in case you thought I was joking,

The expression on the face of the Viking before he starts to sing is hilarious.
[From the series of ads for Snickers, "Feast". The song is Greensleeves. Files come and go; you can find it.]

This ties into earlier comments, and responses to McCracken, among others,
here, and here.

As I said in the earlier posts: instead of the piggybacking on half or one hour television shows, the product pitch is now piggybacking on 20 second narratives. Advertising now deals in McGuffins. That's new. And the implications are the opposite of what MIT and Grant McCracken would say they are. Instrumentalism is undermined, made obvious and also mocked, even in those forms developed to serve its purpose.
While discussed by its intellectual defenders in terms of objective reason and science, in the eyes of the world Capitalism has simply -finally- replaced the Church: it's omnipresent but subject to mockery.
It's progress. And I'm not joking about that either.

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