Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Guardian
"Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are living through their worst humanitarian crisis since the 1967 war because of the severe restrictions imposed by Israel since the Islamist movement Hamas seized power, a report says today.

Movement is all but impossible and supplies of food and water, sewage treatment and basic healthcare can no longer be taken for granted. The economy has collapsed, unemployment is expected to rise to 50%, hospitals are suffering 12-hour power cuts and schools are failing - all creating a "humanitarian implosion", according to a coalition of eight UK humanitarian and human rights groups."
I'll add simply this: that the dream of objectivity that American liberals still hold for themselves and for the press, and that they think has been undermined by Fox News and the Right, is seen as a mockery of reason by the rest of the world. The silence on Gaza is deafening. Why? Because the Palestinians have no advocates in the US.

"Objectivity" will always segue into neutrality and acquiescence: reason into the reasonable. The ethical responsibility of the press is [should be] the same as any lawyer: to represent its client. The client of the press is the people. The press should no more collaborate with government than a defense attorney with a prosecutor. But in the name of reason and against all logic, this country's press claims to be objective, and the majority of the intellectual elite support it in this desire, mocking it only when they decide it has failed to be so. But the political press should be as vulgar as the entertainment press: Dig! Dig! Dig! And attacks on the press should be only for failing to represent its client. But proud and ass-kissing and full of self-respect, they refuse, claiming moral purpose over ethical obligation.

So fucking stupid. Academic American motherfucking rationalism. Self-serving, self-justifying, self-satisfied, delusional.

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