Monday, August 06, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth. Posted elsewhere but expanded a bit. in most art the conclusion succeeds as an elision or a papering over of contradiction by means of rhetoric and sensibility and opposed to [that is denying the applicability of] the either/or of Aristotelian logic.

How does one do justice to the pleasure and even the need for fantasy in a world of cruel political reality? How do you defend intellectual awareness while defending dreams? How do you respect the dreams of a child, and the child herself, while taking seriously the obligations of adulthood? Guillermo del Toro allows us an emotionally satisfying acceptance of contradiction.
It’s the only fantasy movie I’ve seen recently, and definitely the only one full of special effects wizardry, that’s actually made for adults.

Reading Chomsky and Searle on Chomsky (from 1971). Amazing how Chomsky's extremist rationalism parallels that of Posner and the Chicago school. A brittle brilliance, a very specific branch and subset of Judaic secularism. And C. as I said recently is known mostly in the wider world for his rigorously empirical news reporting. In the long run it's all he's good for.

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