Friday, October 13, 2006

To those of you here courtesy of Scott Lemieux, go back to Tapped.
If you want to understand what's wrong with the Democratic intellectual apparat you should begin there.

I had a little fun, but Lemieux is an idiot. He's not serious, politically or intellectually. He doesn't want to waste his time communicating with the irrational, though that's what politicians do for a living, and he isn't interested as an academic should be in understanding the roots of irrationality. I may say that Zionism is racism, and it is, but it would do no good to argue the point with a defender of the Jewish "right of return" without my first having an understanding of the events of 20th century Europe.

Read my comments at Tapped and see if someone with a clear head wouldn't see my arguments as anything but simple and direct.
I reread his post and caught the reference to rational action. If I'd read more carefully I would have caught it earlier.
Chicago School liberals.

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