Monday, October 30, 2006

"If you want to comment on Southern Appeal [link], you’re welcome to do so. But let’s add something to the discussion other than profanity and historically-ignorant remarks, shall we? When General Lee passed away, his death was mourned by those in both the North and the South. He was a man of profound character and integrity (something you would know if you had ever read something other than the Yankee propaganda you were spoon feed in high school). If you ever refer to the General in a disparaging manner again on my blog, you will be banned. Consider this your first and final warning on the matter."
Warmest regards, 
Stephen Louis A. Dillard
posted without comment

A couple of years later I got an email from Dillard asking me politely if I would be willing to remove this post from the blog. He was worried about future employment. I said I would. He was obviously nervous because after the exchange he emailed me again hours later and said it was still up. I'd emailed from my phone and couldn't do anything till later. When I got home reverted it to draft mode. I wasn't paying attention. I shouldn't have been so polite.
Judge Stephen Dillard, The Georgia Court of Appeals

The banner image across the top was drawing of a rebel soldier on horseback, head bowed, riding home in defeat. As always it was impressive how many people were blind to their own bigotry. I'm not talking about Dillard. His was obvious. And I'm not talking about Jonathan Adler

The Chicago Maroon, 2006, Southern Appeal shuts down
Adler at Volokh in 2009, Justice Freddie? 
I like Dillard — I guest-blogged for him on judicial nomination stuff several years back — as does Mike at Crime & Federalism. PFAW’s “Right Wing Watch,” on the other hand, dreads the prospect of Justice Dillard. I would be surprised if Dillard gets the nod. He’s the youngest on the list and some of the others have more traditional credentials for this sort of thing. I wish him luck.
Mike at Crime & Federalism is Mike Cernovich.

Click through his link to PFAW you get this  He did a good job erasing his past. Southern Appeal has been wiped from, but “Stare Decisis is fo’ Suckas!” is still up.

googling Stephen Dillard "Southern Appeal" finds more from Cernovich including link to a blog that's still up. is now private.

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