Saturday, June 03, 2006

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The failures of the scientization of discourse are the same as those of the scientization of newspaper writing as objective journalism and of politics as polling. The point is not to have or cultivate opinions or beliefs but simply to respond to reports of the beliefs of others. This pseudo-autistic intellectualism -the idealism of the observer who pretends he does not exist- is just moral passivity in the guise of moral superiority.

The formal structural of law is predicated on the existence of bias. More than that it is predicated on active and engaged bias. Science seems to be practiced more and more by those who take it on faith that their own objectivity is unquestionable and their sensibilities irrelevent. Such people refuse to engage both the vulgarity and the obligations of democracy.

As a group they are also among the most arrogant -most purblind and intellectually empty- people I have ever met.

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