Friday, December 16, 2005

From The Washington Post courtesy of Josh Marshall:

"The NSA activities were justified by a classified Justice Department legal opinion authored by John C. Yoo, a former deputy in the Office of Legal Counsel who argued that congressional approval of the war on al Qaeda gave broad authority to the president, according to the Times.
That legal argument was similar to another 2002 memo authored primarily by Yoo, which outlined an extremely narrow definition of torture. That opinion, which was signed by another Justice official, was formally disavowed after it was disclosed by the Washington Post."

Is John Yoo Catholic?

Is this where we're getting the new generation of right wing "intellectuals?" I asked that once before in polite company, and politely was refused an answer.
John Yoo, Francis Fukuyama. I followed a link a month or so from Balkin to another defender of Bush's torture policy, a young conservative professor of law at a Catholic university and another asian.
Update Jan 17/06: The link wasn't from J. Balkin but from Michael Froomkin and the lawyer in question is Julian Ku.

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