Sunday, July 03, 2005

Leiter sets a trap and dives in. The attack on democracy by "experts" The pretension of/to scientism; the contempt for any claims for the philosophical or moral seriousness of rhetoric: the contempt -of a lawyer!- for 'pursuasion.' . What does this say about the political/cultural life in this country? What does this say about the political/cultural life in this country that no one calls him on it? One of you intellectualkids come back to me on this.


  1. Anonymous2:25 PM

    It's ironic that YOU should attack this particular post of Leiter's. It's a
    defense of rudeness, name-calling, and either bitter or blithe dismissiveness
    -- albeit a defense that's limited in scope. The irony is that this is
    precisely the sort of tone you tend to adopt -- not selectively, mind you, but
    rather against anyone who disagrees with your dogmatic worldview. And unlike
    Leiter, you rarely support your vitriol with argument, relying instead on
    cryptic restatements of the selfsame worldview. Do you have a reason to suppose
    you've got all the answers? And if so, would you mind letting the rest of us in
    on it?

    Alvarez, aka the Quiet American

  2. What dogma exactly do I follow? And how, when, and where am I cryptic? I yell at Leiter. So what? The first time he linked to me was after I yelled a him. What I want is that he be willing and able to describe the terms of his own contradictions. He's a self-proclaimed leftist and an intellectual snob. Is there no conflict here, or is the revolution still for supermen?
    And is not democracy predicated on argument, and argument on the desire to persuade?

    Leiter is an asshole, and so am I. You are an idiot


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