Friday, March 04, 2005

Things do fall into place sometimes.

Robert Weisberg is a professor at Stanford, and he makes me laugh.
What he doesn't like, although he is unable to admit it, is the vulgarity of polling. Of course changes in law reflect changes in society. Laws change as meanings change.

"The Constitution that I, Antonin Scalia, interpret and apply is not living but dead."
What's an oxymoron?

Read the article carefully, and it gives almost the definition of the problematics of a scientific philosophy. Judges are members of society; they are not isolates, intellectually or emotionally. But why not argue simply as members of society, from their own definitions of terms? Anyone who speaks uses the language of the time, whether s/he wants to or not. Polling is passivity, as it implies an unwillingness to have an opinion.

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