Tuesday, February 01, 2005

You're from the north?
How'd ya know?
I'm learning to recognize the accents
Ah, they all sound the same.
Have ya seen Paddy?
I'm Paddy.
The guy your working with
W're both Paddy!
Fuck! Where's Paddy?
Runnin 'round like an extra cock at a whore's wedding!
He went to meet a taper. He's bring'n her back after lunch
A female taper?
She better be pretty.
She better be good.
He says she's real good.
Did you get your wish.
Oh yeah. Jayzuz! She's six foot tall!
[She's Jamaican]
[The Mexican laborer walking around singing U2]
Hello! Hello!
See you tomorrow.
Nope. I'm gone.
Nice to meet you. See you again.
With the help of God, and a couple policemen.

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