Wednesday, February 09, 2005

In 1948 I tore a large sheet of brown paper to get little rectangular pieces that I piled up, and with which I erected a rather unstable column. In 1954 I straightened out a piece of corrugated cardboard with a surface area of a square meter. Since 1957, without interruption, I have been smoothing out the silver paper from cigarette boxes. In 1962 I began to detach the filters from cigarettes, with which I created long strips; in the case of the Murattis I was startled to note an extremely interesting granular stratification. In 1958, under the guidance of Mr. Sergio Vercellino, a resident of Vagliumina (Biella) and an agriculturalist, I cut, with a scythe, about 3 m(3) of grass. In 1950 about twenty small ice cream glasses, which I collected with some difficulty, were inserted one inside the other so as to form an arch. In the same year I filled a little plastic box with some twelve little matchboxes, and with a great deal of difficulty I bought a packet of Marlboro which I soon took apart, flattened and stretched out. In 1949 I had rolled up a meter of yellow fabric and put my little finger in it to form a kind of tower of Babel. In 1953 I took a red or blue rubber band...


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    boetti and paolini walk into a bar..........

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    A friend of mine tells a story about getting drunk with Boetti. After an opening [in Italy, but i don't know where, the Biennale?] Boetti invites him out for a drink, and they zoom off in a Lamborghini. When they get to a bar Boetti asks Thom how old he is and then commands that in his honor they will only drink whiskey as old as he is. Thom was over 30 at the time. They probably drank half a bottle before they got back into the car and zoomed off again.

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    boetti askes for a bottle of poor. paolini settles into a piece of poverty and depravity cake.t


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