Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Jesus fuck I hate Kristof. He's such a condescending scumbag. Can he write anything about anyone outside of his own group—define it as you wish: American, male, white, heterosexual, pig fucker etc.—that's not merely an excuse to magnify his/their sense of political, social, or moral superiority?
I have contempt for those who make a career of their contempt for others. I don't care if it's Kristof, Safire, or Limbaugh; I don't care if it's George Bush or Brian Leiter or Eric Alterman. A good percentage of the punditocracy speaks to and for the rich. The rest speak to and for themselves. Why should I be impressed by the hypocrisy of the educated middle class?
As my old accountant used to say: "They treat the peasants like shit in this country."

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