Friday, January 23, 2004

Again, all my interests tend to dovetail into one another, and more and more as I grow older. Case in point, this crap from Crooked Timber. My response is to the comments more than anything, I already did my bit on McGinn:

Consciousness is the spontaneous product of the conflict between a conditioned response -'It's always happened that way before'- with a clearly exceptional event: "Not this time MF!".
When what had previously been, in the experience of an organism, a reflex, an automatic mechanical activity, is challenged by an observation, made possible by a capacity for objective computation and reason, the resulting INDECISION is the first act of consciousness. Consciousness is not reason, it's the conflict between reason and conditioned response, or the memory of past experience.

All Consciousness is FLAWED CONSCIOUSNESS. You fucking idiots,

Searle is right but like seemingly everyone else, is unable to focus on a space between the two competing forces. It's not A or B that matter but their anxious relation.
Now someone buy me a god damn beer.

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