Sunday, December 14, 2003

In periods of real crisis, serious moderates and serious conservatives start talking sense. So who needs a leftist?
All of us are stuck, waiting for the peasantry to pay attention.
That's why I've been talking philosophy and literary analysis.
The week in review:
He's alive, and has stories to tell.
Fuck Taiwan (I'm sorry.)
The political system of this country is not based on educating successive generations of the electorate, but on asking them in all their ignorance, what they want. As I've said before, the result is nothing more than a negative feedback loop. When Dan Rather asks "Why do they hate us?" or when Tom Brokaw[?] asks John Kerry again and again if the capture of Hussein isn't a big boost for the president, both are being utterly sincere: they are afraid to have opinions about topics that only The People can speak to. Let's wait for a poll. Of course there's corruption, but things precede it.

I'm interested in Iran and China because the people in both societies are engaged in the debate over the rights and responsibilities of democracy. Culture and democracy as its modern form are my interests. Nation states don't interest me much, so the decadence of this country is something I can only describe.
Prostitution is the defining of one's own body in the terms of technocracy. Like technocracy itself, not only its causes but its consequences are tragic. But who am I to criticize the decisions of someone who chooses, out of what they consider necessity, to see their body in this way?
Bar Conversation.
"It's difficult with the [job title]s. They think I have too much power.
"And in theory you work for them"
"Yeah, but we have the same boss, and I talk to her and know more than they do at this point."
"[Job title]s are all women, right?"
"Mostly women... Two men."
"Sleep with the women. Fuck the men."
Ah, the ambiguities of language.

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