Saturday, December 06, 2003

Earlier today I was ready to describe the web, if not the western world, as being made up primarily of narcissists and technocrats; of the two, narcissists generally being more attractive and better in the sack, but both otherwise bearing the marks of a stunted emotional and intellectual life.
But then Max Sawicky made me laugh.

Check out the last few posts on the budget and employment. Max has got some good material.
And if thanks to Max I am now in a better mood, I'm still the same man I was 20 minutes ago.
A state predicated on the superior political position of a specific ethnic group is by definition a racist state. Is this not clear? If not, to whom? Defend Jewish exceptionalism all you want but don't be so stupid as to deny the obvious. The popularity of the Geneva plan is all well and good if you like Bantustans, and it may be the best the Palestinians will get for a while, but please spare me your self-serving false morality.

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