Saturday, July 20, 2002

I'm chasing details and sidebars but enough people are going after GWB himself that I feel free to pick and choose. I also take the long view on principle. That's why I'm not a reporter.

To David Corn
"I didn't know [Bush]," Soros replied. "He was supposed to bring in the
Gulf connection. But it didn't come to anything. We were buying political influence. That was it. He was not much of a businessman."
If Soros as you say is, 'left of center', this is only because by his own
standards, he no longer has to be anything else; he enjoys the prestige that his power gives him -in his generosity- just as he enjoyed the prestige of a different sort it gave him earlier in his life. That you or 'we' should happily spend time with such would-be gods and manage only mild irony I find disturbing. I am capable of appreciating, if necessary, the beneficence of foreign kings to foreign peoples; but that citizens of this country should find a reason to celebrate the 'benign' monarch in our midst tells us how far we have come. Do some research on Soros' vassal, Niederhoffer, and consider how much destruction preceeded such generosity.
Tell me, did The Nation celebrate Carnagie the same way when he
decided late in life to atone for his sins? Henry Clay Frick, who
played Niederhoffer to his Soros, never believed a word of it.
"We're both going to Hell."