Monday, April 11, 2022

If Musk buys twitter I wonder if that means I'll be let back on.
Gilbert Harman has been consigned to history.

At first I had the links reversed but it works better this way.

For fun, searching Milanovic for references to Hegel. I've always been allied to the followers of the materialist long view, so with historians and from that to historically minded bureaucrats. I'm not opposed to academia any more than I'm opposed to the post office. I mocked Bourdieu for having the mind of a postal clerk who could chart the French postal system but couldn't write an interesting letter. If readers of books are one step removed from the minds of those who write them, librarians and their love of filing systems are two steps removed. Legal philosophers debate ideas; lawyers are functionaries, performers and ironists. Thinking about Eisenstein again.

Milanovic in China Daily [Stay Informed. This links to a China state—affiliated media website]

Joking aside, the collaborative relation of governments and academy is part and parcel of neoliberalism, and collaborations with monarchies and one party states are a logical extension.

Apparently the tide is beginning to turn, though for the wrong reasons,” Sahlins said. “As I said in my Inside Higher Ed op-ed last year, we are now in a pick-your-poison, lose-lose situation: either keep the CIs or allow the U.S. government to interfere in the curriculum -- mimicking the Chinese [Communist] Party-State.”

Corrupt democracies are not dictatorships and liberal hypocrisy is not fascist. The slope is not the pit. Technocrats and libertarians are two sides of the same coin.

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