Thursday, February 16, 2017



All politics is schoolyard politics

"Serious" liberals, library kids, and earnest or soi-disant radicals don't understand the schoolyard, even when their enemies, the bullies, are being laughed at by the peasants, the unwashed bourgeois masses, the mediocre majority. The elite and vanguard are scratching their heads in confusion.

Laurence Tribe, before today's debacle: "How Trump uses sleight-of-hand to dazzle, dodge, and distract"

Sam Husseini, after: "There's a deranged symbiotic relationship between Trump and the (rest) of the (media) establishment."

2/17. Jason Stanley recommended this absurdity:  Analysis: Trump is a master of language

Ari Melber: "The independent press are referees. The action is always on the field. Donald Trump wants to make the whole season about the refs."

There are no refs. Journalists are advocates, ambulance chasers. It's a vulgar job and needs to be. I repeat it all too much.

Meanwhile back on the ground...
Reuters: "'I'm not ranting and raving.' Trump on defensive in first solo news conference"

Politico: Trump decided Thurs AM to do press conference, told aides he wanted to speak unfiltered, seize back narrative
After stewing in anger during four rocky weeks in the White House, President Donald Trump had his say Thursday.

He spent 80 minutes in an impromptu East Room news conference shredding his critics, relitigating the election, bragging about his crowds, crowing about his accomplishments and denying, deflecting and obfuscating a series of mushrooming bad stories that have dogged his presidency and depressed his approval ratings.

It was an extraordinary scene in the White House, which Trump essentially turned into a venue for a campaign rally, trashed the country's most influential news outlets, cited approval polls and spread misinformation. It came two days before Trump will hit the road for a campaign rally in Florida, where he said the crowds would be "massive."
Jeremy Scahill takes his ball and goes home: "Why I will not appear this week on Real Time with Bill Maher." He's been on the show before and defends Maher, but somehow this time it's about his own integrity and not the opportunity to tear Milo Yiannopoulos a new one. Integrity, cowardice, "moral grandstanding"?  Scahill has the luxury of walking away.

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