Wednesday, November 09, 2016

updated, again
He deleted the tweet.
I blame liberals for everything. Always.

(see the arrows and numbers on the right of the bottom graph)
When Harold Washington won his first term as mayor of Chicago, after an election in which the white vote was split between two white candidates, one of the first things he did was tour white working class neighborhoods. He walked around and said "Hey, These streets are a mess! These garbage cans haven't been emptied for weeks! We'll have to do something about that!" And he did. The locals were shocked. They never thought a black mayor would give a damn about them. Washington won his second term running against only one significant opponent.
Michael Moore in July: 5 Reasons Trump Will Win. 
Greenwald post mortem: Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit

Mark Blyth is good, again

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