Sunday, May 29, 2016

Euro 2016 Juanfran's was the only missed penalty during the shootout. Ronoldo's goal sealed it.

A repeat from 2012

I watched the game and I didn't know what they were singing.

The Spanish played beautifully. Once or twice I saw an Irish player smiling at a Spanish player in respect. Tony Karon called it the best moment of Euro 2012. I'm pretty sure the Irish fans in Gdansk were drinking for free tonight, a lot of it courtesy of the Spanish ones.

And new:

"We've got Alli,
Dele Alli,
I just don't think you understand.
He only cost 5 mill,
He's better than Ozil,
We've got Dele Alliiiiiiii…"

The original was Arsenal

"We've got Ozil,
Mesut Ozil,
I just don't think you understand,
He's Arsene Wenger's man,
He's better than Zidane,
We've got Mesut Ozil."

Alli is English-born, Nigerian and English parents; Ozil is German-born Turkish; Wenger was born in Alsace; Zidane is French-born Algerian, spent his professional career at Real Madrid and just won Euro 2016 as their coach.  Neither Alli nor Ozil are better than Zidane.

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