Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A new tag, covering everything from Nazi Germany and the USSR to transsexuals, Israel, hippies, Al Qaeda, and geeks. Added now because it covers the recent posts relating to Germaine Greer.

Utopia and Intentional Communities

Obviously there are a lot of posts from the past that fit it. I'm not going to search back and add them all. That's not the point.
… But now we have another problem.
What is that?
What if we find out what makes each of us internally consistent? What if I find your proper name, that thing which describes exactly what you are?
Than I will always be honest, or predictable at least. And you will be able to interpret everything I say and never be wrong. And of course I’ll know your name as well.
No dishonesty, no subterfuge, no Freud, no art… Then we can all be logical positivists.
But it doesn’t matter. That dream’s irrelevant.
I want unification.
It’s an illusion.
I want the illusion.
Do you want the illusion or do you want the illusion to be real?
What’s the difference?
One means that you have an appreciation of the arts. The other means that you’re a fascist.

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