Wednesday, August 05, 2015

"A controlling, conscious self is an illusion" 
Philosopher Peter Carruthers (Maryland) comments. (I'm always happy to see cognitive science catching up with Nietzsche!)
My comment didn't make the cut. I wonder why.
"Influenced by the discoveries of cognitive science, many of us will now accept that much of our mental life is unconscious"

"Cognitive science" presumes the self. It's the creation science of psychology.

Neuroscience -actual science- has confirmed what the the arts have described since the dawn of recorded irony, first under the noses of theologians, priests, philosophers, and kings, and then in open mockery of them, and all other pedants: that our actions are driven by causes under the surface.  "I deny free will". Whaddya mean "I", Kemosabe?

"Postmodern" philosophers write bad poetry and analytics spout oxymorons. The underlying melodrama is the same.
fucking idiots.

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