Sunday, June 08, 2014

Two photographs of men who espouse some version or other of "performative" anti-sexism/racism etc. Aaron Bady goes by "Zungzungzu" and Elon Green's secondary twitter handles have included both "Not all Men" and "Jacob Fappington IV".

"Hi, If you don't mind, please remove my photo from your website. Thank you."

The corollary of "Bro" is "Babe". Below: the performative sexuality of Rachel Rosenfelt and Natasha Lennard, from their twitter profile pics. Bady writes for The New Inquiry. Rosenfelt is the publisher and founding editor. Lennard, captioning a pic with her mother, wrote that she "sets international standards for glamour and wonderousness". I'm not a moralist or a spelling fetishist, and I'm not opposed to glamour as such. The questions lie elsewhere.

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