Sunday, December 29, 2013

I found this on the twitter feed of a young proudly high-brow literary academic who makes carefully thought-out, precise distinctions between "good" and "bad" postmodernism, and good and bad elitism. He drops a lot of names but he's read them all, many in the original. He's not pretentious because he's not pretending; his erudition isn't fakery, but he wants it to carry more weight than it does.

The video is filed under "good". I've watched it 5 or 6 times, laughing every time; that doesn't answer the question of how it came to be, what categories it fits in, and why.

Actors: Grahame Edwards, at Casting Call Pro  and IMDB, Eryl Lloyd Perry, at Casting Call Pro and IMDB, Anthony Sergeant, Casting Call Pro, IMDB.

Edwards had a few lines in one scene in The Dark Knight.
The producer, who came up with the idea, is Adrian Bliss. One of his videos, here.

abbrev. from Casting Call Pro:

Lloyd Perry
1962, Honours English Language and Literature
St Peter's College, Oxford 
About me
"I am a fit. Welsh-speaking septuagenarian who jogs and works out and can act anything over 60 (and perhaps just a little below that, too). I particularly enjoy Shakespeare, classical drama and voice-over, but will go anywhere, do anything so long as it's acting and legal." 
General Singing Skills: Solo
Specific Singing Skills: Baritone
General Dance Skills: Ballroom
Organisation Membership Equity
Driving Licences: Standard
Facial Characteristics: Beard, Moustache
Perform nude?: Only Professionally
Stage trained, with extensive experience, West End and Number 1 tour and particularly, classical theatre and Shakespeare.
Extensive screen experience, from major American feature film, to independent and corporate film.
Strong neutral RP voice. 'Sophisticated', 'Learned', 'Philosophical', qualities.

Accents (UK): Birmingham, Black Country, Cockney, Lancashire, London, Northern England, Northern Working Class, RP, Scottish, Standard, South London, Southern England, Welsh, Standard, Yorkshire
Accents (North American): Californian, General American, Midwest Farm & Ranch, New York City, Southern American

BA Hons in Fine Art
Post Grad Diploma Stage Design
PGCE Teaching Qualification.
Adult & Further Ed Teaching Qualified

Artist: painter, sculptor, theatre stage designer.
Scholarship to RADA.
Worked extensively in theatre - Royal National, Glasgow Citizens, Sheffield Crucible, Theatre Royal, Windsor. Numerous fringe shows. 
Also trained as teacher. 
Have played Gaugin, Debussy and William Burroughs. 
Accents (UK): Cockney, Dorset, Gloucester, Lancashire, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Northern England, Northern Irish, RP, Scottish, Standard, Somerset, South London, Southern England, Welsh, Standard, Yorkshire
Accents (North American): Californian, New York City, Southern American, Texas, Upper-Class Massachusetts
Accents (International): Australian, Dublin, French, German, Irish, Italian, Polish, Russian
Languages Spoken: English, French, Italian

General Singing Skills: Advanced
Specific Singing Skills: Baritone
General Dance Skills: Contemporary
Organisation Membership: Equity
Stage Combat Skills: Yes
Driving Licences: Standard, Motorcycle
Facial Characteristics: Beard
DBS  ["Disclosure and Barring Service"] checked: Yes 
Edwards, LLoyd Perry, Bliss, Sergeant

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