Sunday, July 07, 2013

Why They Hate Us
If you're in the mood to drink some haterade about rich New Yorkers...
Ms. Neidich, who owns the Chicago-based jeweler Sidney Garber, has spent much of her married life living on exclusive East End Avenue. But a few years ago, she stunned her well-heeled friends by buying a on West 12th Street in the Village. “When we come home at 10:30 in the evening,” she said, “we can sit outside at Sant Ambroeus and the streets are crowded and it’s not even a Saturday."
Duncan Black's neighborhood: from majority black to 12% black, and 67% white.

Banks and Crime
Federal prosecutors face increasing criticism for their failure to indict large banks and bankers for serious criminal conduct, including allowing violent drug cartels to launder hundreds of millions of dollars, willfully conducting business with rogue nations and terrorists.
My question regarding the definition of rogue nations and terrorists was posted and removed.
Dwight Macdonald
So, too, our Collegiate Gothic, which may be seen in its most resolutely picturesque (and expensive) phase at Yale, is more relentlessly Gothic than Chartres, whose builders didn't even know they were Gothic and missed so many chances for quaint effect.
That he could write that so easily with the assumption that he would be understood.

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