Thursday, February 07, 2013

Schliesser, in July, and now.

In July he removed the passage I quoted (using a pseudonym) from Jason Stanley and and now in another context, he links to him,  blind to the relation. Schliesser and Stanley both continue the modernist cult of reason and the political fantasies of which Israel, Brasilia and North Korea are the last remaining examples.

Schliesser supports Merkel for the same reason he defends the Jewish state. As a European Jew he needs a place to run to if history repeats. He admitted as much in the email telling me he'd deleted my comment: "as a German Jew living in the Netherlands and working in Belgium, I really do not need your lectures on these matters."

Schliesser defends philosophy as science and defends a his own bigotry as a defense against bigotry.

And he defends Stanley's dabblings in arguments against democracy. Stanley has a series of posts, the most recent of which is here.  An earlier one in the series is The Ways of Silencing.

Stanley's blindness to some kinds of pornography proves nothing more than the inevitability of blindness.  But he's a technocrat concerned with policing technocrats, and then policing speech.

Related: John Quiggin has a favorite trope.
What's grotesque in liberalism, seen in Quiggin's use of the terminology of the "Overton Window" is that the term can never be used to refer to the user's own limitations.
Marcus Stanley: "The sociology of modern knowledge production empowers the scholar over the humanist, and the collective/communal enterprise of scholarship over the inspiration of the individual thinker."

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