Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"I want Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick."
We insist that the University of Rhode Island take a strong stand for the values of academic freedom and freedom of speech, that it not be intimidated by an artificially whipped-up media frenzy, that it affirm that the protections of the First Amendment require our collective enforcement, and that all employers—particularly, in this kind of case, university employers—have a special obligation to see that freedom of speech become a reality of everyday life.
Loomis is an idiot.

The history: Rauchway and Farrell,
Brighouse and Bertram.
Brighouse: "I think there is a very strong case that hateful epithets can be distinguished and treated differently from propostional content, and do not merit protection under “the right to speak what one sees as the truth”. 
Bertram: "The right frame, in my view, is to think of the state as “we, the people” and to ask what conditions need to be in place for the people, and for each citizen, to play their role in effective self-government. Once you look at things like that then various speech restrictions naturally suggest themselves." 
Brighouse: "I would say, in fact, that the first amendment tradition has a terribly distorting effect on American public discussions of free speech."
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