Friday, November 02, 2012

"The Hideous Inequality Exposed by Hurricane Sandy"
They were a diverse group. Some were young people in their twenties. Others were middle-aged Americans who had never landed white-collar jobs. Most were immigrants.
As if immigrants could not be Americans and native born Americans are white collar by default.

Land (verb)
1 [ with obj. ] put (someone or something) on land from a boat: the lifeboat landed the survivors safely ashore.
• [ no obj. ] go ashore; disembark: the marines landed at a small fishing jetty.
• bring (a fish) to land, esp. with a net or hook: I landed a scrappy three-pound walleye.
informal succeed in obtaining or achieving (something desirable), esp. in the face of strong competition: she landed the starring role in a new film.
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