Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blunt language in the New York Times
WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats — holding firm against extending tax cuts for the rich...
"for the rich."

People have not changed things; people have been changed.
American liberals liked Clinton, who was to the right of Canadian conservative Brian Mulroney.

"You have to either live in the countryside or live in the city and be really rich to say that rubber tomatoes suck. For those humans who live in the city and are not really rich, rubber tomatoes provide a welcome and tasty and affordable simulacrum of the tomato-eating experience." mental model of Tyler often sit[s] on my shoulder while I blog, making polite and well reasoned libertarian criticisms of my arguments..."
The Worst People In The World
Are these people.
The link is to an article in the American Prospect
"The Beltway's Destructive Obsession with the Deficit
To many in official Washington, hypothetical debt crises are more important than mass immiseration."
Robert Reich was co-founder of The American Prospect.

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