Friday, January 21, 2011

Note-taking/record-keeping. More comments made elsewhere
A social ecosystem is a grouping of complex and antagonistic subsystems. The market and market relations are a subsystem. If you want to argue that the market or the practical instrumentalism of life strengthens social bounds and society be testing, that's fine. If you want to argue that technocratic liberals put theory before practice when it's clear that practice always precedes theory, as fiddle playing preceded the philosophy of it, then again you have a point. But if you want to use the market as a general model then you're not paying attention. The behavior foundational to democracy preceded the theory of democracy and the practice of the Scandinavian model of sociability and economic activity preceded the naming of what we call Social Democracy, just as the practice in Hollywood in the late 40's of making cheap B/W films shaded with antisocial desires preceded the naming of Film Noir by cineastes from a different country. And that's why the films of the Coen brothers, students of students, and of Film Noir more than of the films themselves, are thought of as mannered and "over-determined." Art and society are always avant la lettre.
Philosophy qua philosophy is la lettre.

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