Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Nobody, but nobody, in the hip hop world has his combination of hard power and soft power."
What fucking idiots. And again.

Whenever anyone refers to Yglesias talking about culture [see the 2nd link] I'll repost this, from Sam Rosenfeld, then of TAP, to me in an email from about 2002. He'd misunderstood my point:
"And for the record (don't post this), Yglesias as an individual has a great, self-aware sense of humor and is much more starkly honest (if also unapologetic) about his own elitism than most liberals. Take him out for a beer and I think you'd find that."
My comments are at the first of the two links.

Between a hypocrite and a thug I'd choose the thug. I've been shown respect by people who understood what I was and wasn't and who understood that I understood. Hypocrites show no respect.
From 2003
War only can be used as entertainment in two ways by two groups of people: those who treat it as a game played by choice- a deadly game but one that can be left and rejoined- and those who know only war. The most important difference is that the former have never been the victims of a war, only the warriors. They didn't learn to kill by feeling pain.

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