Wednesday, March 04, 2009

"A Baby, Please. Blond, Freckles -- Hold the Colic"

The reaction is predictable. Moral this, moral that... and then most often it comes down to some sort of religious objection. Religion is used as the foundation for the argument against. But the only reason is to give the argument the authority of a force beyond ourselves, to make it a commandment from above.
Curiosity is a moral value as well as a practical one. Experience makes us flexible, but resilience is the common goal. We want to survive as ourselves: we want to recognize ourselves at the conclusion. A central fear of the emotionally disturbed is that if and when they're cured they will have become someone else. Many acts of suicide are the consequence of a sense that the narrative arc is complete and completion always ends in death. Suicide is a final act in defense of continuity.

Being given what you want is neither interesting not does it promote evolutionary fitness. Design is not always a means -a lens- through which we focus on experience, often it's just laziness.
The popular unthinking knee-jerk reaction is the correct one. But the loudness is an acknowledgment of the desire for the choice that is being opposed.

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