Friday, August 15, 2008

From a few days ago, a bit rewritten (in both places)
Craftsmanship manifests self-awareness. Experience is private, but the communication of experience through a common medium -the definition of craft- re-situates us and returns us to the public world.
Art is less expression than description:
"Try writing a dialogue where the implications of each speaker’s words undermine the stated intent... try writing a dialogue [for two] that’s also a quartet."
Attention to craft can reverse-engineer an understanding of the complexities of experience, can make evident how much we craft our relations otherwise without thinking, how much we construct patterns in response to pattern, as reflex. Again this returns to the difference, and tension, between invention and observation. I almost want to say that con men are empiricists and marks are unfailingly rationalist.
The inability to experience language -communication- as polyphonic. The inability to read or listen at two or more levels, of tone and implication. And the inability to recognize that you yourself communicate in this way without even thinking.
Anyone who refers to "content" is missing the point.

"Although my embodied knowledge mostly comes from the performing arts (where my only ‘tool’ is my body)"
It devolved pretty quickly

The difference between invention and observation. And "creativity" is defined as inventiveness. My grandfather was inventive. Before that he was observant.

Fordism is now foundational.

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