Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More fun

I'm not going to ask my landlady why she's crying when I know her mother's just died.
I could of course say that since she's Catholic and goes to mass 4 or 5 days a week I'd have thought she would be happy, since her mother has certainly gone to heaven. If I were an android of the sort so many Star Trek watching technogeeks pretend to be, I would just stand if front of her impssively and tell her I was confused. Of course if I were human I'd probably be laughing to myself: passive aggresives enjoy that sort of cruelty.
I don't argue with the faithful because I know that at any given moment I might become one of them, by making an assumption based not on logic but my wishes. None of us can escape the tendency to believe, though I suppose autistics might come close.
Dennett's defense of the 'Brights' is predicated on the assumption that this is possible, and even, I gather, on the assumption that someone's already done it.
Who, Joe Stalin?
(see: 'rule of law' above)
R- "Yet, for the most part, science fans remain cheerful and uncomplaining..."

Scientists do tend to be optimists. But they also tend to use words like 'truth.' as in 'ultimate truth' but truth is a term of metaphysics, and science is not concerned with truth but FACTS; facts which are mundane until someone has the desire to discover them and then revert to it after the post coital glow of discovery has faded.
There's another comment I didn't bring over. It's wasn't worth it.
Today at work?
Gefilte Fish and Biggie Smalls.
The other electrician showed up today. Walter. A round little Polish man who yells at everyone, then smiles, then goes back to yelling. Last year I remember he showed us a picture of his wife on his cell phone: a round little polish woman with a warm lascivious grin on her face. He flashes it around and winks.


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Maybe she cries not out of concern for her mother's place in heaven but because she has been parted from her?


  2. My answer is: maybe. But I think the desire to believe is stronger in people than belief itself.
    There's a difference between arguing against faith and arguing against the faithful.
    You put me in a difficult position, C. knowing you as I do.
    I'll argue with you if you want but not here.


  3. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Oh no need to argue:) Send me an email sometime though, be nice to catch up:)



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