Monday, November 21, 2005

Of Course the US Uses Torture:
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"At this rather late stage in life, I'm realizing that the solid America I thought I knew may never have existed. Running very close, under the surface, was a frightened, somewhat hysterical culture that could lose its civilized moorings all at once. I had naively thought that there were some things that Americans would find unthinkable --- torture was one of them."

It's post like this that make me want to stop whining about Chomsky.

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  1. And that bit:

    "technically, the facilities were run by our Christian Maronite allies, but they were really ours, and we had personnel doing the interrogations"

    To me is a new acknowledgement, I suppose of the sort we'll hear about Abu Ghraib thirty years from now when we're having the same discussion again.


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