Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I want to blame this on the Whiggish arrogance of reformist American intellectuals who've never understood that it's counterproductive to condescend to the people you say you're trying to help. The hyper-intellectuallism of the liberal elite and the anti-intellectualism of the populace in this country go hand in glove, but I suppose -still- I'd expect or want intellectuals to be more self aware.

I'll repeat what I said a couple of days ago:

"A scientist who operates on what he sees as the ‘necessary truth’ that all people are equally capable of abstract reason is doing little more that proving himself as incapable of reason as his opponent."

I'm not bothered by people who would rather be right than useful only by those who pretend, in order to protect their sense of their own morality, that there's no difference.

A lot of people are linking to NRO today. I sent them a note as well. Conservatives, those without the sense of worldweariness that might give their ideas some weight, are simply cynics trying to wish themselves a moral defense for their otherwise immoral, antisocial, behavior.

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