Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A little fun here,
and more recently here.


  1. Something weird is going on. I flamed DeLong a couple of weeks ago on something milder, but similiar. Then I flamed Henry Farrell on CT. Then I deleted most of my political bookmarks and spend almost a week avoiding them. But I sneaked back to Yglesias when he linked to me for the first time ever, and I kept sneaking back to DeLong too.

    I think that a lot of people are breaking down because they're starting to understand what Bush II is really going to mean. I certainly am, and I have been for 2-3 months.

    At this point, oddly, I have no real special ill feeling toward deLong. And also oddly, Farrell criticized deLong (everyone did, actually).

    But I have a much worse feeling, that the game is lost.

    And maybe at some level, Brad is going nuts for the same kind of reason. Maybe he's just finally realized that, whatever he though might happen, globalization turned out to be Dubya-brand, and he helped make it happen.


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