Sunday, February 29, 2004

Added 5 or so links to various sub-groups on the linklist.

One positive note about Edward Rothstein and now I'm linking to a writer for the National Review.
I'll link to conservatives before libertarians any day.

It takes a certain kind of conservatism to understand and be interested in culture as such. Liberals, as idealists, tend to value the idea more than the thing, and culture is less about ideas than about those things they inhabit. It's about a love of things themselves not just of their meaning. Of course as far as production is concerned, curiosity needs to outpace fear, so it takes at least a certain awareness of ambiguity to actually do anything worthwhile. Making things is the opposite, after all, of sitting on your ass.

Libertarians extend the logic of liberalism to the valuing of ideas alone, seeing objects as vessels and words and images as illustrations rather than independent manifestations of a complex order. Again the simple simile: communication is like a game of 'telephone.' Moral conservatives and leftists value the game itself as a stabilizing force; whether it is grounded or not, and if so in what, is a different matter. Liberals and to a greater extent libertarians value only the product.
And after all I'm a leftist, a bourgeois leftist to be sure, but not a liberal.

Haiti is fucked. In the past we've played a part in this; what part we're playing now
I don't know. link

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