Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Smart response from Lambert at Eschaton.

And according to Tapped, Newsday has confirmed the outing of Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife as originating with someone in the White House. I can do without the high dudgeon, but I'm still surprised at the stupidity of it. Tapped and Krugman are right, it's Nixon territory. More than the killing of the sons of Saddam Hussein, this is the story of the day.

On thing more before I fall into my deserved and drunken slumber: I cringe every time I read a left/liberal commentator refer ecstatically to polling numbers. We have an uneducated electorate that pays no attention to the larger issues. You don't praise someone for agreeing with you one week when you know he'll change his mind the next. Of course it's good if Bush's numbers fall, I hope they hit zero, but just following the whims of the ignorant is absurd. The people aren't that smart- not as smart as Noam Chomsky wants to think- but they're not that stupid. Polling has become a cynics defense of the status quo. "Well, this is what the people want."

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