Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"I wasn't going to comment, I didn't think it worth the time, but this pushed me over the edge.
The ability of members of the educated middle class in general and academics in particular to discuss complicity and choice without reference the moral ambiguities that are central to their own status, and existence, is something that I've learned to shrug off most of the time. I remind readers here [@Leiterreports] now and again that half the posts on this blog are concerned with gossip and the documentation of up-and-downward mobility in the Academic Industrial Complex, and that the pseudo-rad puffery is more intellectual snobbishness that left wing politics, but I leave it at that.

the illiterate moralizing in the June 12 post is grotesque. I've spent 20 years as a non-union construction worker. I've seen my wages stagnate or drop. I compete with immigrants, and I lose out consistently. But I also work with them and they are frankly the only reason I enjoy staying in this country (a little money and a lot of cultural capital go a long way.) But other people can't afford to be slackers and I understand their situation. Wishful thinking does not change the fact that immigration brings fresh meat to the American machine, and neither does it alter the fact that travelers are almost always more interesting than those who stay home. Cosmopolitan day laborer or provincial PhD: which should I choose for company? And yet I know immigrants who want to close the border. Immigration is contributing to a transformation of this country, among other things to a further weakening of a Protestant/Puritan ethic of which this blog is a prime example (in decay). God damn that makes me happy. But it's happening at a price.

Some problems can be faced but not fixed.
The difference between contradiction and hypocrisy is the fear of being caught.
The contempt of jackass liberals for the lives and dilemmas only others face [sic!]...

Time to go: It's Brazil vs Croatia, and I'm off to join the party."

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